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Thinking how Automating Business can lowering cost and focus in your Expanding Sales, we got you covered!

Spending too much time to manage Marketing, Salesman, Inventory, Customer's payment , tracking aging, arranging delivery effectively, we got you cover too !

Your Advantages

Why Choose Our Product

Easy to use

Visually use drag and drop business flow builder with our industries templates for FMCG, Retails, F&B Restaurant, Distribution, without technical knowledge you can start Online business in no time!

Real Time

You can engage your customer inquiries, building your traffic, taking new orders, arranging delivery and have real time analysis in Sales, Warehousing and Payment collections in Real time

Omni Channel Chatbot 24x7

Once installed our business template for your chatbot, you can engage with your customers, your sales team & warehouses (if they also work 24x7), with Web chat, Facebook messenger, instagram, WhatsappApp and Google Business Messenger 24x7.

Fast Results

Accelerate your online ecommerce sales with our fully integrated platform from Shopify, WooCommerce, Odoo, Lazada, Shopee to execute marketing driving traffic from social media platform to business operations to profitability fast !

Simple data visualization at your fingertips.

Data analysis do not have to be complicated, with our platform you will be getting simple and easy to understand daily sales performance dashboard at your fingertips. And at the end month to generate Customer aging statement.

Business Process Automation & Chatbot channel curation that changes your Profitability easily!

Your customer will be happy about your customer service which give extra points to your brand, because they only interact with the ever-present, super-patient and polite chatbot or an engaging and curious agent 24×7 !

  • Customers will thank you

    One solution would be to invest in improving tasks to a chatbot which never gets bored or impatient, regardless of how many times a day (or an hour) it has to deal with the same issue. It can be available 24/7, so the customers get instant assistance, and it can take part in multiple concurrent customer service interactions, so there is no waiting.


  • Customer Service will thank you

    When the simple tasks are taken over by a BPA Optimised chatbot, this means that customer’s cases will be resolved quicker, because your LIVE agent can actually focus. And the user experience will be better because LIVE agent will actually have time to connect with the customer. This will improve you customer loyalty.


  • Business will maximise profitability
    • provide a great experience while reducing customer service costs.
    • Capturing  Sales leads from Facebook / IG comments which they engaging natively at Meta’s platform.
    • Automating Customer checkout and payment save office admin cost to monitor order status

After paying FB/Google to get traffic, Automated SalesBOT, for example, offers targeted messages that can be set up for certain conditions, such as trigger promotion at certain time on a product page, visiting a number of product pages in a row, or leaving items in the shopping cart without completing the transaction. Create more engagement to increase sales opportunities.

Automation not only reduces business operating costs, it frees up the time for your agents to create a better customer experience.

Whether your customer interacts with an always-available chatbot, a focused and genuinely interested agent, or a timely suggested resource, when they are delighted your sales increase so do your profitability.


From powerpreneurs to Startup Businesses, we got you covered.

Whether you just started your business journey, or you are expanding your sales, if you are in the FMCG, Retail & Distributions, F&B restaurant or Providing services, we got you covered. 

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